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Application: Marine Anchor Handling
Driven: Manual/Hand Operated xxx camera
Type: Two Chain Wheels, Two Warping Heads
Suitable for chain diameter: 12.5mm to 22mm
Certificate: Maker / CCS
Delivery: 30-45 days

Horizontal Manual xxx camera

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Stingray Anchor

1. What is a horizontal manual anchor windlass?,squeeze tits

hd black sex,    Horizontal Manual xxx camera, also called hand windlass, is an equipment used for lowering and hoisting anchors and chains by manforce. Normally used for small boats in inland rivers. Our manual windlasses are suitable for chain diameter 12.5mm to 22mm, grade 2 or 3.

bigtits,2. Horizontal Manual xxx camera Components:

Normally the manual anchor windlass is in horizontal type (vertical type is also available upon request.) it mainly consists of:,son porn

a. chain wheels,riley reed

porn nudes,b. warping heads

69 sex nude,c. main shafts

sanny leion,d. manual brakes with stainless steel hand wheels

e. manual clutches,hot dress

f. ratchet pawl device,real sex hd

g. side splates,sex vides

h. gaskets and bolts, etc.,big tit sex

hd black sex,3. Manual Windlass Sketch:

ACIR MARINE can design, manufacture the manual windlass as per clients' special requirements. The below sketch is for one of our Germany customer.,xxx xoxo


4. Horizontal Manual xxx camera Assembly and Test:,olga de mar

Horizontal manual windlass test

fucks,5. Horizontal Manual Windlass Painting Specification:

sexs vidios,a. Abrasive blast with non-metallic abrasive grade SA2.5 according to ISO8501-1:2007 for preparation of steel substrates before application of paints and related products.

horny kiss,b. The external surface will be protected applying:

40 starthd,First Layer: inorganic zinc expoxy primer -- 75um

Second and third layer: inorganic zinc epoxy primer --- 100 + 100 um,sexy teen

elephant xxx,Top COAT: finished polyurethane coat -- 50um

c. Final color can be selected by the customer among RAL variety.,xxx xoxo

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6. Packing for Shipping Horizontal Manual xxx camera,fucks

Wooden Box is provided to protect the horizontal manual anchor windlass from hurts and watering by rain during transportation.,24 porn

tn a flix,7. Guarantee of Horizontal Manual xxx camera:

The supplied horizontal manual anchor windlasses are guaranteed: 12 months after sucessful trials onboard vessel or 18 months after goods delivery from ACIR MARINE, whichever comes earlier. Gurantee is valid upon equipment being used, storage, mounted and in accordance to the parameters and instruction that will be provided in due course.,big tit sex

8. Country of Origin for Horizontal Manual xxx camera:,fucking fast

ww sex free,The horizontal manual anchor windlass is designed by ACIR MARINE in China, and the main components purchased in China. Manufacturing, assembly and testing will be carried out in ACIR Marine workshop in China under the complete control of ACIR MARINE internal quality control system.

naket beach,9. Certification of Horizontal Manual xxx camera:

The horizontal manual anchor windlass can supplied with maker certificate, CCS certificate.,porn oldman

10. Operation and Maintenance Manual of horizontal manual anchor windlass is available upon request.,pornrex

porn boy,For more information, please contact us immediately. Our team is very glad to serve you. Contact details as below:

porn king,Contact Person: Mr. Zhang

tmkoc porn,Office Tel: 0086 23 6765 4781

tn a flix,Mobile/Wechat/WhatsApp: +86 158 2330 6228

Email: sales@acirmarine.com,youporm

xnxxx sex hd,All our workers can speak English very well, so directly call us for further discussion.

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